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At Hotel Sheetal Palace & Marriage Lawn you will be welcomed by smiling faces & cheerful greetings. Every employee, whether a housekeeper, receptionist, waitperson, engineer or bartender will please you with kindness, smiles & good service.

We are also pleased to announce that our luxury hotels in an added facility of the Royal Club to our guests who seek more out of their stay. This club facility is available only to guests who pay for the Royal Club room and Suites. Besides providing for additional comfort by way of extra space than the base category rooms, these rooms are laden with the following hand-picked benefits & privileges:

We provide following facilities to our customers

  • Sufficient Parking.
  • Big Conference Hall
  • Partly Lawn.
  • Big Marriage Hall.
  • Celebration Hall.
  • Best Decoration Facility.
  • Big Stage for Seminar & any Function.
  • and many more...